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A training platform crafted to elevate exceptional teams

Imagine unleashing the power of learning with a versatile platform. Building compelling content tailored to engage your target audience. Monitoring your learners' advancement as they progress through your training initiatives. Meanwhile, capturing metrics to intelligently communicate the ROI to your management team. Academy Point LMS empowers you to accomplish this and more.

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Tailor your platform to embody your brand essence. Modify colours, banners, and even terminology to harmonise with your brand's voice and identity.

Unlike your average LMS, we’re seriously big on branding, applying your visual identity to make it all yours. This ensures that your users feel right at home.

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One solution, multiple use cases conquered. Compliance? Onboarding? Product training? Consider it handled.

Effortlessly curate and assign tailored online courses to accelerate your team's learning journey. Seamlessly guide users through content by strategically locking advanced training until prerequisites are fulfilled, or dynamically assigning new material as they progress. This adaptive approach ensures that learners are continually challenged at the right pace, maximizing their engagement and comprehension while fostering continuous skill growth.

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You’re in control. Easily update training materials, manage user access, or review insightful data.

Supercharge your training efforts with our intuitive LMS administration suite. Tailored to meet your needs, it's fully customisable and incredibly user-friendly, streamlining tasks and providing comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Seamlessly oversee users and content, ensuring smooth operations and optimised learning experiences. Plus, with seamless integration and top-tier security measures in place, you can propel your companies learning journey forward with ease and confidence.

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Trusted by companies worldwide

Our LMS is used by companies from all sectors across the globe.

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Currys LMS

The Academy Point learning platform provides an engaging, mobile responsive interface which enables our colleagues to intuitively access learning content that’s relevant to them. This is all done on an industrial scale with over 1.5 million content items consumed annually.

Mike Booth Head of Learning Technologies at Currys

Designed with real people in mind, our platform is built for everyday use.

Working closely with end-users, we’ve developed great features to help learners stay up-to-date with any new training available, and help managers ensure their team is compliant.

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Mobile friendly

Featuring a fully responsive user interface, individuals can access Academy Point LMS from anywhere in the world.

Whether they're on the shop floor, at a construction site, or commuting to work, our platform is perfectly suited for training users in diverse settings.


Elevate learner engagement with rewards and recognition! Inspire and motivate users through achievements, points, and certificates.

Challenge users by setting specific tasks, such as completing a designated number of modules, and reward their accomplishments accordingly.

Manager dashboard

Effortlessly monitor your team's progress with a dedicated dashboard tailored for managers that aligns with your business structure.

Here, managers seamlessly assign new training, authorise event bookings, and access comprehensive reports.

Integrate and automate

Leverage the Academy Point platform to seamlessly integrate with your existing business systems. Advanced features such as single sign-on (SSO) ensure a smooth, unified access point for all your tools and applications, simplifying the login process and boosting productivity.

Use our connector to expand your training reach by embedding your programs into your company’s ecosystem, creating a fully integrated and seamless learning experience.

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Blended learning

Experience the best of both worlds with blended learning: traditional face-to-face instruction complemented by the flexibility and accessibility of online learning.

Academy Point delivers comprehensive solutions for both modalities, ensuring a seamless and effective learning experience.

    Blended learning our way lets you:

  • Set up and manage both classroom and virtual events.
  • Keep learners learning, with signposts to related modules and real-world training.
  • Curate structured, comprehensive plans to guide learners.
  • Grow the catalogue with content uploaded by your learning community.

Numbers that count

Each learner's journey generates invaluable data. Effortlessly monitor compliance by generating profiled reports or accessing real-time statistics directly from your dashboard. Measure the ROI of your training programs to assess their impact on your business.

Visual charts

Our reports come equipped with ready-made charts, making them ideal for presentations and data visualisation.

Quick stats

Effortlessly access crucial statistics for quick reference, enabling you to monitor your team's progress in real-time.

Reporting and analytics

Comprehensive reporting in an LMS is crucial for understanding user progress and performance. It enables organisations to refine training strategies, enhance employee performance, and align learning initiatives with business objectives, driving strategic growth and success. With Academy Point, access a wealth of data points for deeper insights and smarter decisions.

Don’t stress — our support team is here to help

Use our Help Centre to submit a support request, or explore our extensive user guides tailored to your system.

Real humans

Real people are monitoring your learning management system, ready to provide you with the answers you need.

User guides

Access up-to-date and user-friendly guides online to support you with your LMS anytime you need them.

Request a feature

Is something missing? Let us know! Our LMS is designed with our users in mind, and we're always eager to hear your suggestions for new features.

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