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The Future of Online Training & E-Learning

Remote learning doesn’t have to be remotely complicated. Or one-size-fits-all. Or deadly dull. So when we created Academy Point we decided to shake things up a bit and have created the UK’s best enterprise learning management system.

Showcase Your Brand

Unlike your average LMS, we’re seriously big on branding, applying your visual identity to make it all yours.

Your Challenges Met

Compliance? Onboarding? Product training? Curate and assign easy-to-follow online courses and get your people up to speed fast.

Creativity and Control

Born out of creative thinking, our learning management system (LMS) lets you work creatively to inspire learners. But it’s also super-easy to manage.

We’ve Got It Covered

Working closely with clients in many different sectors, we’ve developed great features to solve the everyday challenges they face.

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LMS for Mobile

Our LMS solution is intuitive and mobile-friendly, so learners can crack on with their training wherever, whenever.


Rewards and recognition! Get learners motivated, engaged with other online learners, and loving the journey they’re on.

Manager Dashboard

Keep track of each learner’s progress with a dashboard and data that fits your business structure.

A simplified mobile UI illustration

Trusted for Training Worldwide

Don’t take our word for it...

The Academy Point learning platform provides an engaging, mobile responsive interface which enables our colleagues to intuitively access learning content that’s relevant to them. This is all done on an industrial scale with over 1.5 million content items consumed annually.

Picture of Mike Booth

Mike Booth

Head of Learning Technologies at Currys

Within months of launching our portal, training compliance increased by 25%; more importantly, staff feedback was amazingly positive. The team at Academy Point excelled during Covid-19 when they went out of their way to help deliver essential modules at very short notice.

Picture of Maggie Flanagan

Maggie Flanagan

Head of Learning at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust

We have been working with Academy Point for over five years, and have gone through multiple upgrades. We have found their system unique in that allows us to showcase our brand, as well as hosting our premium eLearning modules, testing our users’ knowledge and providing us with the opportunity to share upcoming events and bonus resources. We look forward to developing our relationship with Academy Point, and their product.

Picture of Maggie Flanagan

Ross Barbour

Global Product Marketing Manager at Sonos

Our portal has allowed us to reach staff members on a global scale, in ways that are difficult to do face to face. The site has been invaluable with the current global issues, but has allowed us to continue to train staff on our brand and continue to win hearts and minds.

Picture of Paul O’Sullivan

Paul O’Sullivan

Global Training Manager at Tech21

From engaging new learners at the pre-boarding stage through to employees progressing through our talent programmes, Academy Point’s LMS has served our needs. 95% of learners say they were either “confident or extremely confident” in their role by the end of the programme.

Picture of Marie Bhardwaj

Marie Bhardwaj

Learning and Development Manager at Cineworld

Customise your LMS

We can completely change the look and feel of your LMS to match your branding: colours, logos, text, banner images - the works.

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Academy Point logo central to a circle with Okta logo, Microsoft Exchange logo, an API icon, and random profile pictures circling it.

Integrate and Automate

We’ll play nicely with the systems you already have. So you can automatically import staff details and let your users single sign on (SSO).

User Feed

When we’re integrated with your HR system you can automate your user account management too.

Single Sign On

No need to remember another username and password. Go straight to the learning content from your intranet.

Module Import

Do you have existing content you’d like to bring in? Our custom API can connect to other services and systems to automatically import your modules

The Numbers That Count

Each learner’s experience is captured in hugely valuable data. Check learners are compliant by running a profiled report, or view the stats direct from your dashboard.

Simple bar chart with three blue columns

Visual Charts

Our reports come with ready-made charts - great for presentations.

A "Logins this month" stat in am orange box with the number "30.2k" next to an icon used to represent "users"

Quick Stats

Bring up key stats for quick reference or to monitor the team’s progress.

The Microsoft Excel logo

LMS Reporting

Reporting is key with all learning management systems as it gives management an overview of how users are getting on. Download reports in Microsoft Excel format to review them in more detail.

Blended Learning

With Academy Point's learning management system (LMS) it’s a piece of cake to integrate real-world training with e-learning.

Blended learning our way lets you:

  • Set up and manage both classroom and virtual events
  • Keep learners learning, with signposts to related modules and real-world training
  • Curate structured, comprehensive plans to guide learners
  • Grow the catalogue with content uploaded by learning community groups
Basic illustration of learners in a classroom followed by learners on an online call

LMS Support When You Need It

Use our Help Centre to raise a support request, or check out our user guides for your system.

Real Humans

We have actual people monitoring your learning management system and giving you answers.

User Guides

Up-to-date and user-friendly guides help to support you with your LMS are online for you to look at any time.

Request a Feature

If there’s something special you need or want added to your LMS, do say. We love a challenge.

LMS stands for learning management system. Learning management systems (LMSs) are online platforms used to manage the learning process of individuals. They can be used to create, deliver, and track courses, as well as facilitate collaboration between teachers and learners. LMS’ have become a popular tool for online education as well as for e-learning for businesses.

Learning Management System (LMS) is a system that helps manage the learning process. It can be used to track a learner's progress, provide feedback, and manage content. An LMS is a system that helps manage the learning process. It can be used to track a learner's progress, provide feedback, and manage content.

Learning management systems come in many forms. Some LMS’ focus on the management of student data, whereas others focus on the management of school resources. LMSs can be used to manage everything from attendance records to sales courses to student schedules.

An online learning management system (LMS) is a software application that allows instructors to create, manage, and deliver online courses to businesses or students. LMSs are used in many different contexts: for example, for online corporate training programs and professional development courses. Online LMS’ can be integrated into other systems to automate processes such as registration, attendance tracking, and grading.

How Would it Work for You?

We know every business is different, so we've built Academy Point to be pretty flexible.

We can’t wait to show you how clever it is. Why not arrange a quick demo today?

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